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We are a locally born and bred technology group – with over 20 years in the industry we can instinctively assist organisations in improving their internal processes and streamlining of their day-to-day operations. We meticulously analyse your sphere of business to identify key performance blockers that prevent you from focusing on what really matters.

As a subsidiary of Uni-tech Holding (Pty) Ltd we have access to the latest software technology and products which provides us with the necessary tools to implement and develop strategies for process control and operational improvement.

Through these means we can deliver new ideas and concepts designed specifically for the business in question.

02Customer Service

Tailoredwebs prides itself on the provision of service excellence throughout the project lifecycle – we engage with our customers before, during and after a project. The combination of such actions along with our expertise creates an involved and lasting relationship.

A firm part of the culture of our organization is the ability to adapt and adjust these interactions in favour of our client’s personalities – providing a tailored experience that is fit for purpose.

tailoredwebs customer service
Business development

03Business Development

We can assist in streamlining various organisational relationships and tasks in a manner that creates long term value within and between organisations.

Key to this function is the development and implementation of growth opportunities that allow you to monetize your investment in technology. We have the expertise and means to facilitate ideas capable of increasing revenue streams, driving expansion and rooting out inefficiencies through the implementation of software and technology solutions.


Through our skills and experience rich network we can bring together different areas of technology to enhance our service offering to you. We provide end to end web hosting, organic SEO and software solutions along with a cutting-edge server environment.

Tailoredwebs technology service
Tailoredwebs Management service


Tailoredwebs manages your online environment with attention and assists in providing our customers with the support they require through consultation, customer service and overall business development.


As a subsidiary of Uni-tech Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Tailored webs has the resources to cater all your digital needs from organic marketing, custom Web and Mobile application Development to Consulting and Maintenance.

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